Alessandra. 17. Sydney, Australia.
Trying to learn to accept myself, get healthy, fit and happy.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde

Life is nice.

My Life in Pictures

Oatmeal with dried bluberries, banana, pomegranate seeds, pecans, almonds and a raw carob drizzle

Literally just made a hot chocolate brownie topped vanilla frosting (banana milk) and crunchy peanut butter. If this is the only good thing i do with my life then i am ok with it.
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Okay here goes:

  • I had a really bad hair cut a couple of years ago (the lady hacked at my hair, no joke) and my hair has finally got to the stage where I really love it - its long and wavy and I can just let it do its thing and not worry about it which is awesome
  • My eyebrow game is strong (except when I was 12)
  • I’ve been eating very intuitively recently and feeling quite good about my body - it feels super nice
  • I have a visual memory so I’m quite good at remembering things
  • I have a strong drive and motivation to achieve my goals and helps me to work hard :)



morning swims





One of the best smoothies I’ve had in AGES 😍😍😍  { 3 bananas • contents of 1 chai tea bag (emptied and brewed) • 1 tsp organic honey • 1 tsp natural vanilla essence • 1 cup unsweetened @almondbreezeaus • ice 🔯 } 🌞🌻🌿

This sounds delicious, I’m gonna try some tea in my smoothie now!

It’s honestly the awesome at combo! I’m in love with anything chai and (obviously) obsessed with bananas, so this jar of goodness made me so so happpyyyy! 😁

healthy snack - frozen banana blended with peanut butter, topped with fresh strawberries and almonds!
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